• Lacerta Bilineata

PODARCIS MURALIS - The little cousins say hello...

The most numerous among my garden's various residents and visitors (of the non-human variety) are the lacerta bilineata's little cousins: the podarcis muralis or common wall lizards. I love watching those agile reptiles, particularly the way they hunt is a sight to behold. They often jump from pretty high altitudes (relative to their size) to catch their prey; there's a fence in my garden that they particularly like because the flowers growing underneath attract a lot of insects. So they climb the fence and jump right on top of the flowers catching their surprised six- or eight-legged victims mid-fall (the flowers are far too delicate to hold the lizards' weight) without minding going down hard. Once they're on the ground, they gulp down their prize and climb right up again. Unfortunately I never managed to capture common wall lizards hunting like that - yet - but here's some beautiful specimens from my garden for you to enjoy (I believe these are all males except for the photo second before last, though I'm not a 100% sure).

Lacerta Bilineata  |  greyjoy7007@gmail.com

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